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Credits and Acknowledgements

I have learned from a number of people about the art of web design. This page gives recognition to some of the people for whom I have specific knowledge of their contributions to this site.

Reset Stylesheet: Eric A. and Kathryn S. Meyer,

Responsive Design: Everyone doing or teaching responsive design owes credit to Ethan Marcotte for his seminal workin in introducing the world to the concept of responsive design. Responsive Web Design, by Ethan Marcotte, May 25, 2010, in "A List Apart".

Craig Yolitz, Patricia Matthis, and the whole crew of dedicated SEO professionals at who have worked hard to provide my students and myself with a depth of knowledge about SEO and digital analytics that can only come from working with these topics on a daily basis.

Annie Busch is a visionary and leader who hired me for my first web job as the coordinator at her brain child the Ozarks Regional Information Online Network (ORION) in 1994. Her vision of community service and information access is the corner stone upon which I have built my career. I cannot possibly tell her how much her mentoring has meant to me.