Backstage with Little Women

Tonight we are running the whole show for the first time.  For me, this means I am getting to see the rest of the cast, though I already know them all.  I am learning things about my character I didn’t know, and finally getting to know the story.  There are parts of this show that will place tears in the eyes of many of the theater goers.  Still haven’t seen Act III at the time when I am writing this, I approach it with trepidation.

For today, I just want to share some behind the scenes photos.  The show starts next Friday.  You should get your tickets now – Order tickets

director directing
Director Katie Shay gives notes to the cast.
Backstage view showing the parts you will never see.
guys hanging out
Some of the cast and crew watching the little women while waiting for their turn to be on stage.
Meg looks out window
Meg looking out the set window.
Jo and Amy
Jo and Amy fooling around behind the set.
This is Amy.
Marmee backstage
Marmee interrupted while working her lines
Jo backstage
A surprised Jo looked up to see a camera.
Never one to pass up a chance to ham, Laurie mugs for the camera.
Beth backstage
Another one not to let the chance to ham pass by, Beth mugs for the camera.
Aunt March
Aunt March and Big Amy  watching the younger Little women working the stage.
Tension in the family
Laurie walks in to find a very tense scene.
Mr. Lawrence
Here Mr. Lawrence breaks character and grades while sitting backstage.



Day 40  (I missed day 39)