I created this blog out of a sense of growth and with no vision for what it would be other than a blog.  I have grown since then, and I have moved further down the path of my journey.  I have launched a new endeavor, and it overlaps some of what I have done on this blog.

I will be migrating some of my content from this blog to my commercial endeavor, “Puttin’ Up with Doc T”.  Anything related to the “doing of things”, such as rocket stoves, and gardening will now live on the new blog.

This blog will now serve a role more closely related to the name, “Musings”.  In all honestly, I don’t expect anyone to ever read this post.  I have no true following, though I do have some people who have enjoyed my posts.

This now will be a place for my thoughts and contemplation as I continue my way through my personal journey.

Thanks for reading, I wish you peace.

Kevin W. Tharp