Garden Crap

I’ve come to realize that this is a vanity blog.  That means that I can write about anything I want, when I want.  So tonight I am going to write about a garden crap bench I made for my wife.

Tina is a funny sort.  She doesn’t care for gardening.  But she likes all that crap that people put in their gardens.  You know like the little statues and creatures and stuff like that.  Garden Crap.

Garden with lawn ornaments
This is the spring ’15 layout of Brayden Garden

So, yesterday I decided to make her some garden crap.  Mostly she likes stuff with rust and decaying wood and such.  So I took some really old wood and put it together into a little bench.

old wood bench
The garden crap bench I made for Tina.

I did it as a way of saying I love you!



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