Tonight is Prom Night

Tonight is the prom.  My youngest son is a Junior, and tonight is his prom.  This is such a difficult time of life, such an awkward difficult time.

Tonight, someone is likely to break up.
Someone will look at another in a whole new way.
Dancing and eating and living life.
Maybe someone will fall in love.
That would be cool.

Parents will fuss.
The girls in their dresses, the guys in their tux.
Group pictures will be posted.
Corsages will be purchased.
And a heart is likely to be broken.

It is a right of passage.
Marking the end, or nearing the end
Crossing from childhood to adult
Who will kiss that first kiss
Who will cross that first boundary

And for the parents, the worry begins
We sit and wonder, are they having a good time
Are they with the right friends
Cell phones left on
Waiting for them to come home

Jax dressed for prom.This is the night we send our kids off to the prom, then worry until they come home.

This is the night that scares parents and principals
Only so much we can do, so we sit and we wait
Then we watch the clock and wonder
Is our child having fun
Are they doing alright

And we hope, and we pray
That tonight of all nights, they will make it home safe.
That no one will do anything stupid
Or regret going out on that date
That tomorrow morning, they will all be home safe.



Day 41